Monday, May 01, 2006

Kuo Optioned to Triple-A

在脆弱的牛棚被現在國聯最弱之一的Padres擊潰後,Colletti賽後把Hong-Chih Kuo option下AAA,然後把40人名單外的老人Joe Beimel叫上來,為了要空出40人名單,應該會把去開刀整季報廢的Brazoban丟去60-DL。

這對Kuo來說或許是件好事,但我並不認為他會去AAA投先發,那邊的rotation是Billingsley、Houlton、Sele、Stults與Juarez,closer則是Broxton,Kuo應會繼續留在中繼的位置。此外有關牛棚投手使用的問題可以參考Morikawa兄寫的分析。我雖然討厭Jim Tracy的line-up排法和他的愛將s,然而他在牛棚調度這方面的經驗可是相當不錯,至少在Little接管兵權後到目前為止我都不打算給Little任何投手調度方面的credit。另外我們的投手教練......我想既然比前投教Jim Colborn更出色的人才已經夠少,那就不用去為難現在的投教了,現在Honeycutt他跟吉祥物似乎沒有差別。

BTW,四月Dodgers共贏了三個series:7~9日作客Phillies 2-1、21~23主場對Arizona 2-1與這幾天在San Diego擊敗Padres 2-1。該慶幸國聯西區一如去年那樣歡樂嗎?


KSwisher said...

Well, since Kuo optioned to LV, I believe there is gonna have some "racial" issues that come from the braindead media.

I check J.Beimel's record. Is he gonna be the next setup man for Dodgers or what?

Finally, God bless Kuo.

madboy said...

I still think it's good for Kuo to have some chance working for his control problem. While the Dodgers' bullpen problems are still unsolved, there might be some more transactions few days later. For instance, we still have Lance "All Star" Carter.

And the primary setup is Saito, though obviously Saito is better than Baez the closer -- at least he is now.

KSwisher said...

I cannot agree with you anymore. It's good for Kuo to have some time&space to work on his own problem. Hoping him get better when he return to Dodgers.

by the way, When is C.Billingsley going to be call up? According to your past posts, Dodgers develop/protect him carefully. Will he get a shot into major this year?

madboy said...

I wonder if Dodgers have set any schedule of Billingsley's future. I just hope he will become a good pitcher and have a successful career.

He'll get some chance if they transfer Seo to the bullpen, immediately.