Tuesday, July 25, 2006

100 Games Played Mark

2005 July 26 standings
Dodgers 46-54
DLers at the time: Dreifort、Gagne、Wunsch、Bako、Drew、Valentin。

2006 July 24 standings
Dodgers 47-53
DLers at the time: Gagne、Brazoban、Tomko、Werth、Mueller、Kent。

話說去年可是一隻prospect都沒有呀。真不得不佩服F. Col的功力。


Ako said...

Perez is gone! Perez is gone!

I will re-evaluate Ned if he can get rid of Izzy this summer. Maybe from F to D-....XD

Ako said...

Joke of the Day.

R. Furcal SS
K. Lofton CF
A. Ethier LF
O. Saenz 1B
R. Ledee RF
T. Hall C
C. Izturis 3B
R. Martinez 2B
M. Hendrickson P

If I know this is the line-up earlier, I would break my "no-bet on baseball" today....XD

Morikawa said...

Still remember the 2004 offseason, Giants sign Omar Vizquel, Mike Matheny, Armando Benitez, Moises Alou, and everybody expected Giants would get the NL west title like a juggernaut. But finally they were done at 75-87.

How about the human-st*roid-pot Barry Bonds who contributed a 15-WARP, which led the Giants committed a 91-71 record in 2004, and missed almost the entire 2005?

It might be sort of evidence that Sabean doesn't know nothing about how to make a good deal, let alone trade for someone he really needs. Moreover, he is a "good" mentor of Ned Colletti.

So, DO NOT KINDLY waste your expectation on Ned.

madboy said...

They just love old vets...
That's nuts!