Sunday, September 23, 2007

Poll Result: Who's The Best True Blue?

我辦這次投票的構想在前篇文裡已說過,反正約一週後Dodgers八成會被淘汰,只是時間早晚問題,沒想到週二double header連敗後一瀉千里,現在連team chemistry都被LA垃圾媒體舊聞新提。Team chemistry本身是個垃圾,當球隊戰績好的時候,Milton Bradley可以乖乖去守右外野,當球隊戰績不好的時候,和Bradley打架的Kent這回開始嘴砲Dodgers年輕人太多太嫩...what a nonsense...

對了,這次投票的順序我是直接使用投票開始前各Dodgers新秀的THT版Win Share,因為我實在找不到什麼能好好評比攻擊守備加上投球的工具,找好出此下策(按:我個人並不喜歡WS)。上半季曾是Dodgers MVP的Russ Martin不但比賽機會多、整體攻守表現均有allstar等級水準,又得到各大小媒體加持背書,遠遠拋開他人奪得第一是實至名歸。不過我是投給Chad的,他才是我心中的第一,尤其在下半季rotation大崩盤開始後,Billingsley轉回先發正職慢慢適應這個他本來就該取得的位置,也成為Dodgers最穩定的先發投手。

另一方面,谷底反彈的Chin-Lung Hu拿下Dodgers minor年度小聯盟球員獎、異軍突起的James McDonald拿下最佳投手獎,都和我的想法相同,可喜可賀。而Hu據說會被派去打AFL,取代手指受傷開刀去的學弟Ivan DeJesus Jr.。


Starberry said...

I have always been concerned about CBill's control problem.

It looks like this season he has made some progress towards that.

What do you think of his long term potential is? A good No.2?



madboy said...

to Wilson:
Might be at least a number 3.

He had sharpen his control skills this year. And if he learns another power change-up in the future, CBills will rule the league...... if healthy (LOL as a Dodger fan)

Starberry said...

WTF... apparently they want to trade Kemp for more veterans...

I give up


madboy said...

I've already said that we should FIRE
as soon as possible...

he's the trojan horse, a bad FuXking headless GM who's as smart as Kevin Malone.

Nellie said...

just another question regarding your CPBL PFs for 2004-2006.

Are they one-year factors? If not, I would assume that 04 is one year, 05 three years, and 06 two years.

Also, I was wondering when the season is over you were going to calculate 07.

Starberry said...


I have an unreasonable question... request..... please help me out with this analysis when you have time

a) Is Loney's power real? Where do yo project him to be next yr power wise?

b) Not accounting for park factor, will Loney end up with better numbers than Adrian Gonzales?

c) Who would be the better hitter next yr.... Alex Gordon or Josh Fields?




madboy said...

to 2.5:
Sure, the original calculated PFs are all one-year factors. Of course, I can never tell you what their coming years PFs would be since I cannot travel though time. And I IIRC, I've made adjustments of 2005's PF only with the 2004's when I published my version of 2005 PF. And so did the 2006 version when published.

Maybe I'll do some retro study later if I have time...ha ha ha...

And I will collect CPBL data of the year once the season ends. Because, you know, I've criticized that they erase those publishing data once the Taiwan series finished. Too bad I don't run my own data base as some crazy TW sabermetricians. They are as foolish as us right? Ha ha ha......

to Wilson:
about Question a)...
It's hard to answer...But I'll tell you that I never thought Loney would have such kind of power before and now, but I just can't believe seeing him killing every pitch.

I'll tell you what I know..."the Bison" is batting over his head.

as Question b)...
I think Loney will en up his career with better batting average (which doesn't mean much to me), less strike outs (which also, doesn't matters to me) and with better credits to theose so-called beat-writers. But Adrian will have more power numbers playing at an extremely pitcher's heaven.

as c)...
This one is very difficult for me since I'm not familiar with the American League and what's more, these two are AL young kids. But I'm in Gordon's favor because I just don't believe his numbers this year. This is just a big guess, not an analysis.

Nellie said...


so the 2005 PF are averaged with 2004, and 2006 are averaged with 2005, is that correct?

madboy said...

to 2.5:
You're right, IIRC.