Sunday, September 02, 2007

September Call-ups

Chin-Lung Hu
Jonathan Meloan
veteran backup catcher Chad Moeller

眾所矚目的Hu與Meloan總算被列進40人名單;Houlton是被叫上來而已,他是因為老人來了而失去工作機會的,身為備用的備用先發,本來就在40人名單裡;Chad Moeller則是從Reds用錢換來的一只捕手手套。

假如Daily News的Tony Jackson情報沒錯的話,那應該還會有下一批。據我的瞭解,Tony曾說這種真正官方的新聞都多半是Dodgers官方向各個媒體同時公告的,也就是說官網的Ken Gurnick並沒有因此得到什麼特別的優先情報,不用太在意Ken的內心想法...

最後根據PE的Diamond Leung的情報,Tsao本季也差不多玩完了。


Starberry said...


Well... with the play-offs hopes quickly fading.... we might actually get to see the kids play a bit more in Sept?

Also.... got a question about Kemp. Lets put it this way. Honestly, I never expected him to play this well...considering his lack of plate disciplin (can't spell). Is there something that I am missing here? I always thought that he would become LA's version of Juan Encarnacion.... great natural talent... but never fulfill it... what do you think?



madboy said...

Question 1.
I don't see it...We have these kids rightnow and had them in the early season, right?

Question 2.
You do remember how poor Juan Encarnacion was a Dodger player, do you?

And actually Kemp was terrible last season, except for his first month in the league...