Saturday, November 10, 2007

Martin Won NL Silver Slugger

上篇裡我就說過Martin其實是靠他的棒子獲得GG的,而不是守備,當然他的守備也相當出色。這回拿THT的Batting WS來看,超過6者有:
                  Batting WS
Russ Martin LAD 15.0
Josh Bard SD 13.2
Brain McCann ATL 9.9
Bengie Molina SF 8.7
Chris Snyder ARI 8.1
Carlos Ruiz PHI 6.2
其實Josh Bard今年表現也相當不錯...只不過Martin比他更棒。若拿OPS+來看:
          PA  OPS+
Martin 620 113
Bard 443 107
McCann 552 100
B. Molina 517 86
Snyder 380 94
Ruiz 429 86


Starberry said...

There were actually a couple big disappointments this year at the catcher posit.

Brian McCann did jack $hit for the first 2/3 of the season.

Joe Mauer was decent, but definitely did not perform as well as last year.

of the 3 "Next generation's star catchers", only Martin had anything to show.. woohoo!



Morikawa said...

Martin deserves Silver Slugger this season and probably GG, too. But I certainly don't appreciate his 9 CS.

Nevertheless, thanks god that our Martin is still intact and 2007 is not his contract year...

madboy said...

Oh...When I found McCann was just not the second best in WS category as a catcher in NL, I was surprised. He had such great batting talent and was well-known as one of the best catchers in his generation. And he did had 19.3 batting WS last year, which was really amazing!!! (OPS+ 143!!!)

But we should not forget Martin's efforts this he indeed was the best in 2007 season.

And many thanks to DePo who had gotten rid of [Enter a famous overhyped heart and soul former past great leader and fighter and whatever he was HERE].

Hey! Did LAT writers ever got that?

Boston Outkast... said...

K-Mart is legit, the other two just had a rough year battling with injuries, they ll be back

About that 9CS, maybe he was just trying too hard to attempt 20/20