Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dodgers' Road To Playoff?

THT大概檢討有關剩下的球季還有什麼能做的,總之現在的打線是不錯的, Kemp、 Ethier、 Manny Ramirez、 Casey Blake、 Nomar / Furcal (if)、 Kent、 Loney、 Martin都是有水準的打者,尤其在Clueless Joe及時醒悟他最好的外野手是那三隻後,這樣的打線基本上是有破壞力的。

板凳就很難看了,擺了一堆廢物,不過在老闆疑似不想再多花錢的情況下Colletti似乎也幹不了什麼補強。最怕就是又像之前買Blake和Manny時那樣用大把prospects取代現金,又,板凳球員這種東西就像牛棚一樣,能用免洗的就用免洗的,實在沒有必要多花時間、金錢和人力(roster slot & prospects)在找替補上。至於花在legs身上的錢就算了,反正Colletti把鈔票花都花了就當sunk cost,只要Torre別再腦殘亂搞。

投手方面雖然Penny和Jason Schmidt (...呃...你那位?)手都廢了,至少現在場上有免洗用的Stults和Jason Johnson可以頂,Kuroda也投出不下Lowe的佳績,更別提另外兩位年輕先發左右手的貢獻,牛棚方面更是較不用擔心的部分,若Saito回的來的話更是大加分 (若Proctor回不來也是加分...)。

謠言是說Colletti要南邊的Pads交出Maddux和錢來,又不願意給人家優質農產品 (幹...白痴才會賣你),另外最近有點熱門的Adam Dunn也或許和付不出足夠的銀兩出來有關(當然,跟笨蛋不瞭解Dunn的實力也有關),作者也是猜因為某Boston fan老闆預算沒了。

Dodgers理論上幾乎已經沒有取wild card的希望,唯一的機會是在NL "mild" west泥漿摔角戰裡擊敗D'backs,賽程上或許對D'backs較有利,但實際上的差別應該還得看接下來會遇到什麼樣的先發投手,以及Clueless Joe會幹什麼蠢事出來。


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The Dodgers today acquired veteran pitcher Greg Maddux in a trade with the San Diego Padres, according to a person familiar with the deal, speaking on condition of anonymity because the deal had not been announced.

madboy said...

to jim:
Deal not done yet, but close...

It depends on who you'd have to give up. Giving up LaRoche for a 2-month-Manny-rental is too much. And Giving up 2 prospects for Casey Blake is also too much.

Maddux is now 2 years older, is he? What's more, he had terrible performance on the road this year. So I think the deal should be re-evaluated later after the PTBNLs annouced.

Anonymous said...

Scott Miller says "Dodgers got a gift"...well, I would say "yeah right".

It appears the Padres primary goal in this possible trade is to cut their payroll for the next year's retool, so its no big deal for them to throw Maddog out. However, the point on this trade is how many TOP PROSPECT from dodger's minor will be given up to Padres. The detail of this trade is not clear yet, if the Dodgers just pay the Padres some money for a 1 and half month rent of Maddox, that will be a decent trade. but according to Co-Co-Colletti's inferior mind we can expect anything to happen, like Kuo or Kershaw for Maddox...for christ's sake, how I wish I will be wrong.