Saturday, April 30, 2005

Gagne Will Be Suspended For 2 Games

根據官站的報導,Gagne因為違反Official Playing Rule 3.17,於Apr06時,在傷兵名單(DL)的球員不該待在場上練球時練球,被罰禁賽兩場球。

"Players on the disabled list are permitted to participate in pre-game activity and sit on the bench during a game, but may not take part in any activity during the game such as warming up a pitcher, bench-jockeying, etc. Disabled players are not allowed to enter the playing surface at any time or for any purpose during the game."

  • 可笑的第一點是MLB官方從6號到現在29號足有24天的時間才把Gagne"定罪"。
  • 可笑的第二點是Gagne自上星期才開始練投,離真正能脫離傷兵名單還有一段時日,而只要提早讓Gagne出DL名單兩天,把他晾在場邊觀察受傷恢復情況就可抵掉禁賽處份。

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