Monday, April 03, 2006

2006 Dodgers Opening Day Roster

Batting order(8):
1. Rafael Furcal SS S 28y/o
2. Bill Mueller 3B S 35y/o
3. J.D. Drew RF L 30y/o
4. Jeff Kent 2B R 38y/o
5. Nomar Garciaparra 1B R 32y/o
6. Jose Cruz Jr. LF S 32y/o
7. Jason Repko CF R 25y/o
8. Sandy Alomar Jr. CA 40y/o

1. Dioner Navarro CA 22y/o
Little說Navarro才是primary catcher,不過因為春訓末受傷的關係,最近是day-to-day。
2. Olmedo Saenz 1B R 35y/o
3. Ricky Ledee OF L 32y/o
4. Ramon Martinez UT R 33y/o
5. Cody Ross OF R 25y/o
Martinez幹掉Robles後,因為Robles已被option下AAA,故active roster最末席是誰坐?尚無消息,現在Lofton進DL讓Repko暫時先發時,保留這個位置給Ross或許是權宜之計。

Starting pitchers(5):
1. Derek Lowe RHP 33y/o
2. Odalis Perez LHP 29y/o
3. Brad Penny RHP 28y/o
4. Brett Tomko RHP 33y/o
5. Jae-Weong Seo RHP 29y/o
和去年最大的差別在Weaver與Houlton被換成Tomko與Seo,運氣好的話Dodgers僅只overpay Tomko,運氣不好的話整個rotation又會變成Lowe、Penny與一堆5號投手。

1. Eric Gagne RHP 30y/o
2. Danys Baez RHP 28y/o
3. Yhency Brazoban RHP 25y/o
4. Lance Carter RHP 31y/o
5. Franquelis Osoria RHP 24y/o
6. Hong-Chih Kuo LHP 25y/o
7. Tim Hamulack LHP 29y/o

3.85M Kenny Lofton CF L 39y/o
3.1M Cesar Izturis SS S 26y/o
0.3M Jayson Werth OF R 26y/o


Ako said...



Morikawa said...

這個陣容要拿下 NL West 應該是沒問題的,再怎麼樣,比起 05 年 Bradley 報銷後要好得太多,主要的關鍵還是在於 Drew。

接下來就要看看 Little 是不是和 Tracy 一樣愛變魔術,要變是無所謂,不過不要變過頭....

而照這個 list 來看,Little 已經打算帶 12 個投手了!不過我們已經沒有 Jeff Weaver 可以做代跑與代打了咧?

KSwisher said...

well, it's from the radio show I used to listen.

The host:"...I believe Little is a pretty good manager and he will bring the credibility to the Dodgers...Little is very similar to Tracy and both of them are great manager...I like Jim Tracy because he understand everything about baseball and that's the reason I believe the Pirate is going to make some noise in the Major..."

...his opinion is very different to Madboy and morikawa...

madboy said...



我看不出來Little比他高明到那去,他能把全聯盟最強的Red Sox帶不進WS,最廣受批評的是他的投手調度能力。


KSwisher said...

I did not know Tracy very well because I am a bay area fan. Besides, I think Alou is not very different to Tracy.

If Kuo could not adjust himself to big league game, will Dodgers still keep him in the 25-man?
Who can be a possible replacement?

madboy said...

I don't really worry about Kuo. He will have the chance to proof himself because he had a very bad health reputatuion, and Colletti wants to use him while he is healthy, rightnow.

He might end up back to AAA for a few months or so. However, there're some journeymen from AAA Las Vegas who can replace him, since his primary roll is not just a LOOGY (said by Little).