Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dodgers Call-up Loney

因為6M被丟到水桶裡的關係,Dodgers昨天將James Loney叫上來,Loney是球隊目前一壘prospect,2002年Dodgers第一輪,下個月(May 7)才滿22歲,5-tools具備,只是臨場power打不出來,在球團中是罕見有選球能力的小孩子。他甚至還未打過AAA的任一場球賽。其實我還頗擔心他的成長狀況。


Ako said...


Do they still remember how to spell "Rush" or "Edwin Jackson"?

KSwisher said...


Well, at least he is a healthy player, now. Will Nomar come back soon?

however, I don't think that Dodgers' boss, GM, and manager would regret waiving Choi.

madboy said...

Loney = Choi without power

Of course they won't regret, they don't even know what they have done.

Morikawa said...

To kswisher,

Dodgers put Normar on DL on Apr. 4, retroactive 0 days. Which means Normar can not get back to active roster until Apr. 20.

By the way, I don't think Dodgers' owner, GM and manager would regret waiving Choi, either. The point is we just boosted Theo toward the moon, and beefed Red Sox up so that they have a better depth to confront Yankees this year.

Another story is Neither Carlos Delgado nor David Ortiz could play better than Choi when they were at the same age as Choi.

So, let's thanks god that Red Sox is not a team in NL West.