Friday, November 10, 2006

Drew Opts Out

JD Drew,05~06年Dodgers連續兩季貢獻度第二的選手執行了他的球員選擇權,他本來和前GM DePo簽下5年55M(外傳約每年11M)的薪水,附加一個兩個球季之後的球員選擇權。去年Drew雖然打得較好,然而季中被球砸傷卻讓他休兵三個月,雖然後來球隊撿到爆發的Jose Cruz Jr. (有如今年換爆發的Marlon Anderson翻版),但因全隊瘟疫的情況下,結束了不怎麼讓人滿意的一季;今年Drew的表現"並不佳",只排THT OF WS第20 (OF不分區),若看BP的VORP的話,排RF第五,次於Jermaine Dye 64.6、Vladimir Guerrero 63.9、Ichiro Suzuki 46.4、Michael Cuddyer 36.3 (J.D. Drew 34.9)。

損失Drew對Dodgers來說不但損失掉隊上最大管口徑的砲、還損失一個穩定優秀的右外野手套。Drew願意執行這個option代表他(和$cott Bora$)認為未來三年能賺到的錢一定較33M來的多,但目前並不清楚有那些球隊對他表示有興趣。





Ako said...


我感覺到Soriano的腳步聲了.... Orz

madboy said...



Starberry said...

I want Soriano!!!

LA will have the first ever 50-50 player!!!

KSwisher said...


他既不夠老,資歷也不夠完整(非Giant,D-Rays, Red Sox 出身)。


madboy said...

to starberry:
Sori won't have 50-50 here, since he's a lousy stealer. However, Dodgers did not really got a bat since Shawn Green injured his shoulder before 2003.

to KSwisher:

不過我的確把Ned當笑話看,也因此Drew跑掉這件事讓他"始料未及"個鬼 ── 他說他星期一就知道有可能發生這回試事了,只是根本沒去處理,或者說,根本無力處理。

Starberry said...


Well, my biggest concern about Soriano is that his yr was very typical of a "contract year push". Just like how Beltre managed to look like Mike Schmidt 靈魂附身 in his contract year. Of course, these guys always crap out the year after because there is no motivation/incentive anymore.

Now, the Nats play in a pitcher's park too... so I dont think coming over to LA will affect him that badly.

I do have a question about his base stealing ability... there were years where his SB/CS ratio were fantastic (ie. 2005 30/2)... but there were years like 2006 where it's not been so great. I don't watch enough Nats games to know.. but is he someone who reads pitchers well and gets good jumps? or is he more just of a burner who is fast but runs blindly.



George said...

我聞到Moises Alou穿上藍衫的味道了...

madboy said...

Well, Beltre is not that bad, he is now a career 106 OPS+ player, which is not a very bad batter. If we remove his fluke year, he might become a career 95~100 OPS+ player, which means his performance at Seattle now is quite stable: 2005 was a 90 OPS+ season and then this year a 106 season. The problem is that he signed a 5 year 64M contract right after his career high season.

Soriano is a career 115 OPS+ player, that's quite a good number. But if you consider he is a lousy left fielder, his number is not that good enough. (Compare to our rookie LF, Andre Ethier, 113 OPS+.)

An interesting thing is that the Dodger Stadium is no longer a Pitcher's Park. Believe it or not, the park factor there was never above 100 since she built 1962, and it was 102 this year. To me, that is not a surprise. "The monkey face" changed her seats, foul areas and dugout areas last year, making it more difficult for the fielders to chase balls, which some of our infielders complained about earlier in the season.

For Sori's base stealing ability, I really have no idea. However, judging his SB/CS numbers, he might have some problems while trying to steal more than 40 SBs.

madboy said...

Moises Alou:
1. > 30 years old
2. was an ex-Giant



Anonymous said...


Interesting... never realized that LA is no longer a pitcher's park. Thanks for keeping me updated!

As for Alou... well, I think he will probably want to keep playing for his dad.