Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Horrible News: How To Sign A Pair Of Legs At 44M/5yrs

據各方消息指出,Colletti即將簽下Juan Pierre,一位只有腿、沒有打擊、沒有守備的球員。

現在連非錢球派的球迷都開始哀號起來,因為他們認為CF應該留給Kemp,雖說我以為Kemp不過是支LF盲砲。不過簽Pierre真的完全不如一年一年簽Kenny Lofton:他兩人都是弱肩爛守備CF,兩人都是短程機槍,兩人都有盜壘能力,那為何不選擇便宜又好用的Lofton呢?

這個約簽下去也不會擋到任何人,Dodgers外野在Kemp之下大概還剩在A/A+的Drew Locke,他還有2~3年左右的考驗。然而這樣搞似乎Dodgers還真的準備弱5年了。

雖然我並不完全認同The Baseball Analysts對於今年FA打者的排名(我認為最佳FA打者是J.D. Drew),但至少這裡他狠狠批了Pierre這種傳統鳥打。

在Dodger Thoughts的Jon Weisman最近接連發鳥文、6-4-2的Rob McMillin對Drew相當不滿(我認為他是個Angels > Dodgers fan),最近Dodgers blogger界真的相當鳥,被官方同化的很嚴重,該說官方的Inside the Dodgers有一定程度的攻擊力嗎?
Update 22:35 Nov,21

另外要恭喜在外流浪的ex-Dodgers David Ross在Reds找到明年的先發正職。Dodgers出品捕手果然有附保證書?


Starberry said...

WTF... why not trade for Vernon wells..... I am sure the jays are shopping him... especially considering current going market prices

the worst part is.. pierre doesnt even steeal that much anymore... and speed is the first thing to go as players age.

As for Ross, he is the man... even back in like 03 he was good... he had like 880 ops back then.... sure he is a one trick pony.... and only knows how to pull inside pitches for HR... but damn he is good at that.....

KSwisher said...

I just saw the news on ESPN.

Dodgers and Juan Pierre agree on 5-year deal.

I understand why your GM sign Pierre. He has a special preference toward veteran players.
But, 5 years? isn't that a little bit too long?

Since I believe that Colletti will bring Nomar back with any cost, I really wonder what kind of deal they are going to sign. You know what the Cubs did few days ago.

madboy said...

to Starberry:
Juan Pierre is going to have about 45~50 SBs per year here. And look! he has more SBs than walks almost his entire career, with light hitting ability and a weak arm......

Consider light hitting Kenny Lofton had a 95 OPS+ last year, Pierre's career year was 107 three years ago and having a career 86 OPS+, even worse than Dave Roberts.

to Kswisher:
Nomar was signed for around 18~18.5M for 2 years. And he just blocked the pathway of our best prospect.

Cubs is just a bad team with terrible team management......

Anonymous said...

god bless LAD....

KSwisher said...

I don't care what Cubs is going to be next season, but they really make the FA market out of control.

Actually, when i read your response about Nomar, I begin to believe that J.Loney may end up in somewhere.
Did you remember that Net said recently he might trade prospect for a proven pitcher?
That's what I really don't wanna see.

Morikawa said...

I wish we still have a chance to get rid of Pierre since Pierre's contract has yet been announced officially. Pierre could be a stop-gap but can not be no long term solution in center field.

Actually, I can live with Ned signs Pierre for 1-year 8M to 10M because this somehow implies that Ned DOES need a stop-gap to wait Kemp (or somebody else...) well-developed. Thus He spends large money to buy time for prospects. But 5 years? Tell us Dodger Fans you are joking, Ned.

I wonder why Logan White (or Kim Ng) doesn't try to stop Ned's silly moves...

As giving up prospect(s) to exchange proven pitcher, uh.. I can live with that, too. The problem is "Who the heck is the so-called PROVEN pitcher in Ned's idea?"

If it were still 2006, the "proven pitcher" means Mark Hendrickson.

It looks like Neddy Daddy cannot give us something really Dandy this offseason...

Starberry said...

doon't worry guys,...Loney will get to play

there is no way in hell nomar will/can stay healthy

madboy said...

Not exactly, Nomar got hurt after all star break last season, but still had 216 plate appearances to show his .708 horrible OPS. And he batted THIRD whole second half season when he started in the game!

That was horrible.