Saturday, December 02, 2006

BP: Dodgers Top Ten Prospects

Excellent Prospects
1. Clayton Kershaw, LHP
2. Andy LaRoche, 3B
3. Scott Elbert, LHP

Very Good Prospects
4. James Loney, 1B

Good Prospects
5. Jonathan Meloan, RHP
6. Josh Bell, 3B
7. Preston Mattingly, 1B

Average Prospects
8. Blake DeWitt, 2B/3B
9. Bryan Morris, RHP
10. Chin-Lung Hu, SS

我沒有想過Joshua Bell和Preston Mattingly的評價有這麼高,不過我對Preston的守備位置評價和BP是差不多的。


wsnipes said...

跟M大您說的一樣,連Josh Bell與Preston Mattingly都能上榜,且今年被選進的球員就有三個上榜,這是這三、四年所鮮少見到的事,這也顯示躲人農場漸漸空虛是不爭的事實,這份名單跟未來BA出的,我想相去會不遠。

Jonathan Meloan也是,他甚至比Scott Elbert好,就只差在他是右投且年紀大一些而已,不過他還需要證明自己,未來在AA,乃至於AAA的制宰力。

James Loney,最終可能就是淪為Ned Colletti的交易品,他老兄始終搞不清楚,弄回來的那位,已經不再是以前那位明星SS了,傷痛讓他的績效大打折扣。放聰明點,James Loney你最好留著,我可不想看到Matt Kemp或是Andy LaRoche被擺到1B頂位置!


Starberry said...

I feel that while there have been many MLB capable players in recent years... more than normal... there havent been any star calibre players.....

The farm system I am most impressed by is still Arizona's.... Drew, Quentin etc.... they didn't only produce multiple future MLBers..they produced future all stars...

as for the Angels discussion... Kotchman is REALLY good.... that kid has both power and a good eye... and hits for average too... kinda like... nick swisher with better contact ability. I would say he is a sleeper for 2007.

madboy said...

1. Kershaw:還有很久的路得走,他得克服的難題除了健康之外,至少看明年上A+的情況如何。

2. LaRoche:得證明他05年的power不是曇花一現,否則只是個average power hitter。

MLB capable star
MLB capable starter

3. Loney:麻煩大了,沒位置。

4. Elbert:控球。Ceiling較Meloan高是因為他左投外加目前還當他是先發,但若控球一直差下去,被Meloan幹掉之日可期。

5. Meloan:明年在AA/AAA甚至上MLB見真章。和Broxton一樣,我較prefer他們先發,不過不太可能。

MLB capable starter
MLB capable bench

6. DeWitt:先找回該有的打擊再說吧,不然MLB連門都沒有。

7. Hu:完成品。

8. Abreu:完成品。

MLB capable bench


Unknown said...


Thanks for making a thorough ranking of the prospects.

Speaking of Broxton though, what do you think about this trend of making young starters into relievers? It started with Gagne, and more recently we have Papelbon and Broxton.

I don't know, just think that, if someone is good, you should try ot maximize their IP, to get the most benefit.... hence making them SP, instead of RP or CP.



madboy said...

I've heard reasons that some organizations choose to transfer some youngsters to RPs to shorten those fresh arms' climbing passage to major league. Thus, they can get RPs from their farm production faster.

And a few of them may later transfer back to SPs...

Also, I don't see much difference between Penny and Broxton. Though Penny is a career SP (who go up to major league in his fifth year), and the bull was transferred to RP in his fourth professional season (who go up to the majors once he turned to RP).