Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tsao's Non-tendered

Tsao今天成為唯一被Rockies non-tender的球員。這看起來是理所當然的事,Tsao除了生涯的成績還不夠足以說服Rockies對他執行arbitration外,貧窮的Rockies也完全沒有必要花任何超過基本薪資的錢在DL上面,之前得以等待他最大的理由是Tsao的天份,而接下來便是錢的問題:Rockies大可以用minor league contract和Tsao重新簽約(假設兩方談得成的話),這也是生涯到arbitration eligible,身價又不符合arbitration後薪資的球員不得不接受的事實。

前年Alex Cora也因為這個原因被Dodgers non-tender掉,他是個不錯的backup MI,但僅此爾。不過我記得這次勞資談判前,未給予arbitration等於是直接和母球團說bye-bye,因為以前有段不短的時間不得與母球團再談。



Starberry said... the jays offered 7 x18m = 126

so much for my theory of jays not being able to afford vernon....-_-"

Morikawa said...

Tsao's case should not be that complicated as you think.

The very first time Rockies purchased Tsao's contract was in Jul, 2003. Since then, Tsao occupies a spot of Rockies' 40-man roster for years. Clearly, after 06 regular season, Tsao's option years have been run out. It means:

1. As 07 regular season rolls, Tsao cannot be optioned down to minor and Rockies have to keep him on active roster as he gets rid of disabled list.

2. Even though, most likely Tsao will start his 07 season on disabled list, which implies he can only have a 30-day rehab-game window. For a pitcher who has not pitched a game for more than one year, keeping Tsao on 40-man roster is not a worth taking chance.

My theory is Rockies still hope Tsao can comeback some day but definitely Tsao needs more than 30 days to get back on track. They might tend to sign a minor contract with Tsao, get him more time to rehab since a major contract is a 40-man roster spot guarantee. Base on transaction rules, I reckon dough is not a main issue.

Surely, Rockies can outright Tsao to minor, but make no mistake that if Rockies do so, there will be a 72-hr window all organizations except Rockies can claim Tsao off the irrevocable outright waiver. It seems Rockies don't want to take this chance, either.

Note even a non-tendered FA can be signed by all organizations including his former affiliated one. Neither priority concerns nor deadline are hold.

So you tell me Tsao is non-tendered, I say "why not?"

madboy said...

Here's my thinking process:
Rox does not want to pay Tsao a major league minimal contract. That's it.

madboy said...

And actually, I can't tell the difference between a waived player than a non-tendered player. The former one can be saved by the old club and the latter one made the player a free agent?

So, if the Rox really love him, they might think there's nobody in the market would like to sign Tsao, since they made him a free agent now, aren't they?

Thus, where's the difference between a not-be-claimed-outright-player and an FA? The waived player (if without being claimed by another club) must go back to his old club in the first time, and can become an FA if he's released for more than one time. If the Rox waived Tsao and cleared his waive, they can get him in their farm system for another year, aren't they?

So, why didn't they waive him?

Morikawa said...

The only difference is the "waiver period" issue.

Once Rockies put Tsao on outright waiver or special waiver, Rockies cannot help if any of the other 29 organizations claim him off during the waiver period since none of the waivers is revocable excpet the major league waiver (Which only holds from Aug.1 to the end of regular season).

But if Tsao becomes a non-tender FA, the chances to sign Tsao for all 30 clubs, including the Rockies, are totally equal.

And if Rockies don't want to keep Tsao, they can choose DFA so that they can reckon trading him somewhere. Moreover, they can put Tsao on unconditional released waiver to cut him loose cleanly, not just non-tender.

This is what I read between the lines.

madboy said...

I see.

I forgot that he could be DFAed...Oops...