Monday, November 19, 2007

Dodgers In Team USA & HWB

剛結束的世界杯裡美帝如願以償拿下冠軍,Andy LaRoche與ex-Dodger Justin Rugguano的表現都相當不錯,Delwyn Young雖然展現了power,但顯然沒把在AFL熱身賽的好運帶來台灣。此外因為巴拿馬出賽資格問題,讓單場3安(2 2B)、4打點的LaRoche損失慘重,LaRoche的能力相信不用我打嘴砲大家都知道(除了某D隊高層之外)。

AB37 .378/.442/.757 5BB/5K 3HR
33 .182/.357/.394 8/5 1HR
30 .333/.432/.633 5/7 3HR

另一批在夏威夷寒訓的小孩們今天也放假了,West Oahu CaneFires以難看的13-24結束球季,當然被排除在季後賽名單外...
Russell Mitchell
111 .270/.328/.450 6/28 3HR
Ryan Rogowski
93 .237/.376/.366 21/20 3HR
Jamie Hoffman
97 .278/.349/.340 10/23
Josh Bell
94 .213/.292/.383 11/26 3HR
Kenley Jansen
63 .206/.324/.254 11/13

Steve Johnson
ERA 2.05 30.7IP 20H 7W/23K 2HR BAA .204
Kyle Wilson
7.84 20.7IP 29H 10/26 4HR .326
Garrett White
7.88 8IP 16H 9/9 .432
Steve Johnson今年常規賽表現普通,在夏威夷投得不差...其他的就算了...

疑?Dodgers A+的球季賽不是還打得不錯嗎?還拿到季後賽門票,怎麼這批主力去渡個假,鳥成這樣?


Starberry said...

Speaking of Dodger prospects...

What would be a good way to analyze if someone has the potential to hit for more power in the future?

Basically, I want to see how I can project Loney's power potential.

Still struggling to see if that power surge late in the season was legit.



madboy said...

Power is the last thing you can predict...For example, Joel Guzman has tremendous power potential but he rarely can put the ball into play. You can know if the player could hit more homers when he's having good power numbers in the minor league. However power potential does not mean real power.

For Loney, I think he just got rid of a few bad ABs before the late power surge as he did have another power surge early when called up to replace Nomar in late June...

James Loney 2007:
Jun 10 ~ Jul 25
PA 143 .362/.413/.562
Jul 26 ~ Aug 25
PA 91 .214/.264/.310
Aug 26 ~ Sep 30
PA 141 .377/.426/.662

He could have good days and bad days...meaning he's still human.

RollingWave said...

Obviously, the first thing you could do is look at his size, it doesn't take a genius to see that Ryan Howard, a walking behemoth is more likely to hit for power than David Eckstine .. who doesn't even stand out in an average highschool class ;)

There's also the matter of swing and contact ability and bat speed, even Juan Pierre manages to hit one out on occasion and it's because he hits the ball perfectly, some people REALLY do have that sort of an ability to make that sort of perfect contact more often than others. those are guys that typically defy the body type projections (Chase Utley is a decent example , but his double play mate Jimmy Rollins is even better. ) this sort of skill is pretty hard to project though.

From a stats point of view, looking at his doubles and triples is a old school way of seeing if a guy has potential. if this guys keeps hitting those off the wall doubles it's not hard to guess that with a little extra growth he might hit some of them past the wall. this however can be misleading because some guys simply leg out a ton of those extra base hits.

I still guess that scouting report in general is the best way to project power. but it's far far from exact.

As for Loney, the power surge could be legit but plenty of guys are extreme streakers. on time will tell. from a body prospective he's obviously capable of that. but can he do it consistently?