Saturday, December 08, 2007

2007 Rule 5 Draft

我找了一下舊聞,發現去年Dodgers和2006年Rule 5 Draft竟然一點關係都沒有...這大概也多少反映了Morikawa兄在前幾篇回文裡說的話,Dodgers最優秀的prospects和一般年輕人的差距滿大的,的確,以Dodgers主要選高中畢業生的選秀策略而言較易發生這種事。不論如何,今年的Rule 5 draft有Dodgers的份:
Major League Phase
8. Wesley Wright LHP to Houston
'85年次,左手牛,K功佳,在Las Vegas被打爆,隨後被退貨回AA又還不錯。

Triple-A Phase
7. Juan Apodaca C to Louisville (CIN)

9. Giuseppe Norrito RHP to Round Rock (HOU)

12. Victor Garate LHP to Las Vegas (LAD) from Houston Tri-City (SS)
'84年次,雖然年輕但還在NYP Lg (Short Season)混,而事實上他更年輕時就已在Houston系統的委國夏聯打球,直到20歲才來美國,今年已是他的第6個職業球季...


Starberry said...

Anyways, the biggest positive coming out of the AJ signing is that LA has kind of admitted to the fact that signing JP was a huge mistake.

I feel like this is similar when LA got Sheffield.... if he turns out well, great, if he doesn't ah well, only there for a couple of years.

Now, the other upside of this is that now we have less money left and we are less likely to do something stupid like sign Silva to a massive contract...heh heh



madboy said...

Apparently, you're totally wrong...Ned Colletti is not that stupid as you think. According to Diamond Leung of PE, Colletti said "We signed a player that's a great guy and a guy that comes to play every day and a great influence throughout the clubhouse."

He might be brain-death and needs a neurosurgeon to remain alive.