Sunday, December 02, 2007

Third Anniversary





Starberry said...

Ehhh... congrats!

Apparently, angels are asking for Kemp + LaRoche + Kershaw for Cabrera

Asking for waaay too much

esp. considering that Cabrera is really not qualified to play 3B... still a good hitter... but moving him to LF does hurt his value... fuck, screw LF... he is a DH

madboy said...

I...errh think you mean the Marlins? Or you're talking about what I said in the last article which I think Arte Moreno is digging a hole, preparing for Colletti to jump into it?

And I'm very sure the LA media is having schizophrenia. The naughty writers keep critizising Ned not bringing anyone to downtown LA while they also telling everyone Miggy Cabrera "does not have good attitude". How weird they are...

Starberry said...

Hahahah... yeah, I meant Marlins

I actually think that the BoSox would be a pretty good fit for him. (As opposed to pursuing Johan)

Think about it... by the time Papi is too old, Cabrera is about fat enough to move into DH... hahahaha