Thursday, October 16, 2008

Notes & Quotes of Dodgers NLCS

在莫名其妙被主流美帝垃圾媒體(按:ESPN、FSN等等)看好的情況下,Dodgers很快在NLCS露出弱點來並且被Phillies輕鬆解決。我個人覺得關鍵在於Billingsley的崩盤和"Clueless Joe"過度使用他的牛棚,前者又加重後者造成錯誤的傷害。投手方面表現最好的是正常的Kuroda與辛苦扛第一場又被迫加班的Lowe。

打線方面本來就不太期待,但結果也差不了多少,5場比賽下來還拿了20分,不過多和Manny Ramirez有關,Loney雖然有在NLCS打進狀況,但他一直都沒有和Manny連起來打。代打代守方面,Dodgers本來就缺合適的左手代打者,Kent和Nomar也沒有發揮長打貢獻,最後在家裡送Phillies進WS的情況並不讓人意外。

by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

"I'm sure they should. He's a great hitter. If they sign him, there's going to be another issue. We'll still have me and Juan Pierre. [Andre] Ethier has to play. Matt Kemp's going to have to play. After they win the World Series, it's going to be interesting. ... I'm an everyday guy or I need to move out."
by Andruw Jones (from LAT)

"I felt good; I felt I had good stuff. I didn't do well [Friday] and I didn't get the job done, and I think pitch selection was kind of what the problem was."
by Chad Billingsley

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