Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Some Reading Lists, Part3

Sources on both sides say Hochevar is seeking $4 million, a deal similar to what Boston gave St. John's pitcher Craig Hansen, the 26th pick. The Dodgers have offered a little more than $2 million, which would make him the highest-paid draft pick in team history.
$cott Bora$出手果然就是不一樣。喊價約兩倍,雖說選秀前無人不知。
Another sticking point is that the Dodgers are reluctant to offer Hochevar a major league contract, which would require them to put him on the 40-man roster immediately. The Dodgers have several highly regarded minor leaguers to protect on the roster this fall to keep them from being taken in the Rule 5 draft.
而現在的問題不僅有2M的差距,還要考慮40人名單的規劃,而這段文字是否還暗示了是否可能乾脆放棄Hochevar?此外不曉得Dreifort當年簽了多少錢?希望別再簽出受詛咒的數字(例:J.D. "5yr 55M" Drew)。這裡探討各內野位置躲人球員的守備與聯盟該位置最佳球員守備數據,發現JT喜愛的三壘不論是Robles、Edwards或是Val-doza,守備都沒有打擊相當不錯的Antonio Perez來的好,這對平日灌輸大眾A. Perez是個破手套的教練和媒體而言相當有殺傷力,A. Perez守備並不好,但其他人不但守備比他差,打擊還輸更多(Saenz打擊除外);相對於一壘方面要Phillips上場等於頭殼壞去這件事,似乎只有JT和教練團搞不清楚狀況。

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