Friday, September 29, 2006

Free James Loney!!!

FREE James Loney!!!

From AFP/Getty Images/Doug Pensinger

                PA   OPS
Aug 32 1.049
Sep 26 1.154
After All-Star 62 1.078
Another Regular 1B
Aug             79  .691
Sep 88 .831
After All-Star 216 .708


KSwisher said...

Well, does the record indicate that J. Loney final develop his "power"?

Since Nomar is more likely to get a "FAT" contract as well as "STAY" at the LA, how is J.Loney going to deal with his future in here?

I found it is interesting to see the Dodgers' offseason move than its playoff.

madboy said...

For the first question...maybe. It seems Loney finally got his confidence and that "power" since demoted down to Las Vegas this early season. But he did not get enough changes to proof if he could use these abilities at the majors level.

And it seems more likely Loney will have another difficult year like Willy Aybar, another former LA prospect who finally proofed himself as a major leaguer at the last month of last season, but did not get his job this year. I don't think the old men really would like to give Loney a try the next year, since they even did not give him chances this season when Nomar was suffering and had 3 straight bad months.

I will follow up these cases later.

KSwisher said...

Unless Nomar hurted again, I didn't see J.Loney had a chance to be Dodgers' regular first baseman.

Is Loney an IF utility man? or a backup for first base? or just a young kid that always seeking for manager's love?

hoping GM won't dump him like others. Amen.

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madboy said...

你會希望會守備的David Ortiz當你家一壘手,或是Mark Grace當你家一壘手?

壇上大和 said...


他只要能變成John Olerud,我就能滿意了...。

madboy said...

哈...你會錯意了,我是說Loney會成為Mark Grace,而不是會守備的Ortiz,也因此我"比較不喜歡他"。


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