Monday, November 20, 2006

Nomar Re-signed For Two More Years

根據LA Times最新的說法,F. Col用兩年18M的代價簽下Nomar Garciaparra,並認為這是一大steal(參考第1、5 Colletti交易原則)。

Poor Loney!

另LAT亦指出Dodgers完全不想理會Kei Igawa。

其他值得一提的FA新聞還有Cubs以天價簽下Alfonso Soriano養老合約,達成F. Col之前最高指導原則第4項,所以說F. Col可能打算交易來外野手(第6、7原則)?

據說Nomar的約是2年保證18.5M,包括2.5M簽約金,2007年7.5M、2008年8.5M,以及為數不詳的獎金。之前有新聞提到F. Col不想讓Nomar領PA獎金,他說:"那會讓他負傷打球"。(按:原來他也知道Nomar下半季在鬼混呀......)
Update 22:30 Nov,21


KSwisher said...

>LAT亦指出Dodgers完全不想理會Kei Igawa.


Igawa is a decent pitcher, according to his records in Hanshin Tigers, and he won't be as expensive as Matsusabe is.

Anti-OTAKU principle???

Starberry said...


I am surprised too, especially considering the pleasant experience the Dodgers have experienced with Saito. (Most K by any relief pitcher in the MLB!)

What is Anti-Otaku?



madboy said...

Steve Henson didn't say why. And I don't know why.

As I know, Ned never said a word about Igawa.

Morikawa said...


In Japanese, as we mention that somebody is so fascinated in ACG -- the initials of Animation, Comics & Games -- and barely goes outdoor, we call him (or her) an "Otaku". By all accounts, Igawa is a sovereign otaku. Moreover, Igawa may perform very poorly just because he misses his favorite animation show the day before he starts.

The upside that Colletti is not going to chase Igawa is he is confident of our current pitching staff. He has got Kuo and Billingsley to fill two holes in rotation, and Hendrickson, Tomko, even Dessens back up for the No.5 spot, with Scott Elbert waiting to join the squad (Is he eligible?), perhaps he doesn't want another 3-year road block.

Nevertheless, I think signing Igawa is way to better than chasing Barry Zito. Igawa has plus-changeup, decent speed (for LHP...) and not bad command. After the ridiculous bidding fee Red Sox offered to D-Mats, Igawa should not be that expensive and is a "stealthy" No.3 to No.2, which makes him definitely a worth bet.

Anonymous said...

bad news
Juan Pierre 5Yrs/45M??

madboy said...

Well, it's a horrible news.

Starberry said...


Ohhh..Otaku = 寓宅族&電車男...!!!

Billingsley is the man, his 2nd half nubmers were sick and I have a lot of faith in him.

For sure, Zito will be way overpriced... considering he is the only big name SP available ( is also)

Perhaps Zito needs to go to the NL.... where he can revive his career.



madboy said...

I'm pretty sure Bora$ won't agree with "Zito needs to go to NL". He just needs to make as much money as he could.