Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Recent Murmur: 2006 RoY & Asia Series

1. Hanley Ramirez 55.6 (VORP, NL RoY)
  (2. Francisco Liriano 50.4, AL)
  (3. Justin Verlander 46.7, AL RoY)
  (4. Jered Weaver 46.0, AL)
5. Clay Hensley 41.5
6. Josh Johnson 40.8
7. Dan Uggla 39.7
  (8. Jonathan Papelbon 38.2, AL)
9. Anibal Sanchez 36.7
  (10. Joel Zumaya 36.1, AL)
11. Matt Cain 35.6
12. Takashi Saito 33.9, NPB
17. Jonathan Broxton 26.5
33. Andre Ethier 19.4
37. Russell Martin 18.8
43. Chad Billingsley 17.4

乾脆改叫Marlins RoY算了(笑),相較於AL三大先發新人,NL今年新人可是投打俱佳,尤其今年的Marlins可說是眾優秀新人雲集,而且最後總結起來戰績還不錯,真叫整個NL汗顏。三位Dodgers新人也紛紛上榜,不過難以和前三位的票數較量,今年不論AL、NL的新秀都相當出色,之後他們這屆每個人的發展也相當值得注意。

Asia Series 2006:這個比賽仍是相當有意思,雖然Fighters系列賽打擊有點糟,但最後還是靠投手戰力奪冠,此外最值得提的就是La New擊敗連兩年來打Konami Cup的Samsung Lions,La New和CPBL其他球團的差距,大概就是CPBL和KBO的差距吧?


Starberry said...


How aboyt ROY for next year?

I have my money on Cole Hamels...

Also..I am surprised that Prince didn't get more votes.

madboy said...

Cole Hamels won't win RoY 2007, since he has pitched 132.3 innings this year. RoY candidates must have less than 130 at bats, less than 50 innings pitched, and less than 45 days on the major league team active rosters.

I must say I don't know who might become the RoY next year. I spent much of my time for the Dodgers and her farm system. However, I did not really know much about other teams. I can say that the Dodgers won't win the RoY the next year, if we do not trade for any rookies this winter. That's because there are fewer high rank prospects now in our farm system this year. And I doubt if James Loney could win his job the next spring, or could have enough chance to play on the field to become a better candidate for the RoY award.

For Prince Fielder, he is a brewer isn't he? That's the problem. Much of the press even do not know about the young Prince.

For me, I'm surprised that Clay Hensley had done a better job than Josh Johnson, Anibal Sanchez, and Matt Cain this year. But anybody know who he is? Anyone who cares about him?

Starberry said...


Thanks for keeping me informed on things like rules for ROY eligibility. Ah well, I am still excited about seeing him pitch next year.

Well, maybe if Matsuzaka is as good as advertised, he might win it in the AL. Of course, next year, it will also be Delmon Young's first full season, so there is quite a bit of competition on the AL side. Don't forget about Alex Gordon of the Royals either, he destroyed AA this year, so he might make the leap next year. As for NL, I really don't know either, maybe Carlos Quentin if he is eligible?

And hahaha..i guess you are right about Prince... Brewers get no respect. Because I watched a ton of Brewers game this year, and that kid is GOOOD. Speaking of former brewers... forget Drew, we can go out and sign Carlos Lee and be much better off. Lee is much less injury prone and a better character guy to have in the clubhouse.

I am also suprised about Hensley. Of course, I am biased here...b/c I am a huge Cain fan. Lets put it this way, I feel that while Hensley can be a good pitcher one day, Cain might actualy get a couple Cy Youngs.



madboy said...

Speaking for LA media's power, I updated this RoY rankings with our other prospects, especially those who got a few votes. And you can see that Broxton has played better than Ethier and Martin, but did not even been noticed.

For Carlos Lee, Colletti will not even offer him a contract as predicted that he thinks Lee's having a bad defense ability. However, as we know, Colletti even does not know (or choose not to know) his lovable players such as Kent, Nomar, Furcal, and Lofton, all have terrible defense. Not to mention that Kent is a terrible clubhouse guy. They just choose those they want to let you know, and try to prevent those they don't want you know. That's it.

For Clay Hensley, I also don't think he would become another big name, such as Matt Cain, Cole Hamels, Josh Johnson, or Anibal Sanchez. But indeed he was good enough this season for our praise.

Starberry said...


Hah, I thought LF is where you are supposed to stash/hide your poor defensive players. (Hello Manny!) Just stick a decent CF in there and you are fine... but apparently Colletti doesn't think so.

I feel that Frucal's defensive is almost like Jeter of the NL... people think he is good on defensive b/c he LOOKS good on defensive with that strong arm..making off balance throws.

Now, if you were to choose to build your staff around, who would you prefer? Olsen, Cain or Hamels? (sorry, not a big believer in Johnson or Sanchez)



madboy said...

You should not put any CF in LF, since LFers should provide most of team's offense, particularly in a league without designated hitters.

About Furcal, he has good speed, good range, good first step, good arm, but without accuracy. I think his defense is just a little bit better than Jeter.

And talking about future aces, I'll pick Cain from these three guys. (Not familiar to the other two guys, sorry =) )