Friday, December 01, 2006

Second Anniversary

今天是Trash Talk的二週年慶。



Starberry said...


Kotchman is really good..but he had mono last yr... so that was kinda a wasted season... but with his health recovered i can see him having 850 OPS no problem

Wood kinda crapped out last yr in the minors... very disappoiting hopefully he recovers

The other prospect... Dallas, if you look in the dictionary for 盲砲 you will see his picture

Starberry said...

of course..and congrats

it's always good to meet another fellow fan who bleeds the dodger blue

madboy said...

I must say I'm not that familiar with the Angels prospects. But I do know that those who don't have good plate discipline will fall easier at the major league level. Thus, I don't believe much of their prospects will be that success as the scouts said.