Friday, April 07, 2006

2006 Statslinks: TW Minor Leaguers


Southern League
Jacksonville Suns (LAD)
Chin-Lung Hu 胡金龍 ('84 Feb02)

A Advanced
California League
Modesto Nuts (COL)
Chin-Lung Lo 羅錦龍 ('85 Aug20)
並未如我所言可能再待Low A練幾個月才上High A,直接向A advanced報到,California League是個打擊聯盟,他可要多加油了。

Inland Empire 66ers (SEA)
Yung-Chi Chen 陳鏞基 ('83 Jul13)
這兩位恰好都在California League裡,Nuts在北區、66ers屬南區。

Midwest League
Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (SEA)
Chao-Kuan Wu 武昭關 ('85 May25)
據ptt userexisted兄的說法,該隊有Nicholas Prosise和J.B. Tucker兩位捕手prospect與備受期待的一壘prospect Jeffrey Flaig,Wu擁有的機會可能仍不多,將以替補1B-DH為主。

Lansing Lugnuts (TOR)
Chi-Hung Cheng 鄭錡鴻 ('85 Jun20)
Po-Hsuan Keng 耿伯軒 ('84 Oct15)
老實說我沒料到球團把Cheng續留Low A練控球。或許這是Jays球團(較我熟悉的Dodgers)成功的地方?

Extended Spring Training
Ting-Jen Ye 葉丁仁 ('83 Jul01) (?)
Yen-Feng Lin 林彥峰 ('85 May22)
Kuo-Hui Lo 羅國輝 ('85 Sep26)

Still @Taiwan
Chia-An Huang 黃佳安 ('85 Nov11)

黃志祥 ('87 Nov18)
Chih-Hsien Chiang 蔣智賢 ('88 Feb21)
林旺億 ('88 Jun28)


penna said...

what the hell is Huang doing in Taiwan?

madboy said...


Rumor says he had injured his pitching arm. But the real reason is still unknown.

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paul said...

Nice site.

I happened upon it when I was doing a google search for Po-Hsuan Keng. Your blog came up top as in #1.

Just wanted to say hi and thank you for your informative site. I moved to Lansing a while back and being from Taiwan, I hope to catch some good if not great baseball and cheer on the "home" players.

madboy said...

to Paul:
An even better site to you, in Chinese:
Soul of Baseball
Po-Hsuan Keng's Note (game by game)
2005 Keng's History Note

penna said...

Yung-Chi Chen is in his fourth year of pro baseball, and he is still in A class and aging!!!
Is he out of the sight in Seattle's planning?

madboy said...

Yung-Chi Chen
He's in his 3rd year, only. Actually, I don't worry about him.

Chao-Kuan Wu
Wu's in his 4th year, and still does not has much performance until now

penna said...

AS I remember Chen was on the 2003 TW national team in Hokaido, Japan, he had played all summer in the States, and he came to Japan to join the national team and he took 張泰山's job as the starting 3rd baseman!
If 2003 was his first pro season, then 2006 is the 4th, isn't?
well, this is not really an important issue; I am glad to learn that you do not worry about him!

madboy said...

Chen signed his professional contract on 2004/01/29, accroding to Soul of Baseball.

So, it might be that he did have some oral agreement with the Mariners. However, he signed the contract months later.

Most Taiwanese players do have "oral agreements" with foreign clubs, because they formally "should not" sign any contracts when they were students. If I remembered right, they cannot play the school team if they have signed pro contracts.

For example, it is said 4 Taiwanese players signed with the Red Sox this winter...... Some of them "should not" do that until they are officially 18 years old.

In my opinion, I don't care about that really. All I want is looking them become better and stronger.