Monday, July 11, 2005

Wow, Perez's Not Happy

from San Jose Mercury News
After Sunday's game, starter Odalis Perez criticized Dodgers manager Jim Tracy for sending him out to pitch the sixth inning and called out his teammates for "pointing fingers at people" during a players-only meeting before Saturday's game.

"I was tired. I was completely tired," Perez said. "When I started warming up (for the sixth inning), I said my fastball is not the same. My changeup is staying up.

"I gave up four runs that inning. They can say I (messed) up. ... If I give you five good innings, why ask me to throw 100 pitches when it was just my second start after a long time on the DL?"
其實是6-4-2寫出來的,不然平常我不會去看這報。LAT和LA Daily News較溫和,LAT真的要開罵會找專門用來罵人的打手T.J. Simers寫些讓人哭笑不得的東西,不過既然有人報料,那留下來當個底也不錯。

眾 人皆知Tracy調度是不會理會別人的批評的,而Odalis Perez則是口無遮攔,現在在O. Perez心情最糟時有人把帳算出來。在球隊運氣好或戰績不錯的時候,這種小事不會有多少人會繼續注意下去,不過現在球隊士氣低落,傷兵過多戰績又差的時 候,不曉得DePo會怎麼處理這鳥事?

from LA Daily News
"There are people here who think they are superstars, but nobody on this team is a superstar," Perez said. "There are people who are going to the Hall of Fame, and I respect that, but people come from other teams and think they're superstars. ... If we pull together, we'll be fine. Hopefully, we can pull together and not be saying things about other players."

Although Perez wouldn't name the teammate to whom he was referring, he made it clear he wasn't talking about second baseman Jeff Kent, a free-agent signee in his first year with the Dodgers and the only player on the roster who has put together what might be a Hall of Fame career.

"I respect Jeff Kent," Perez said. "He plays hard every day."
LA Daily News報的更多,真不愧是Odalis Perez。看起來有很多人對Antonio Perez的守備很不滿,另外隊上還有一個自以為是的毒瘤,讓O. Perez很不爽。

我實在搞不懂為什麼DePo不能把Scott Erickson幹掉。(Update)

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